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Career planning or transitioning

Career planning or transitioning

If you wonder whether the current job is the best choice or whether it is wise to change job soon, which next step will make you more satisfied, or how you would like to retire, career planning coaching is for you. Through this program, you will get closer to the future you have been looking for. You will gain clarity of the career path you would like to follow and which elements from your career bring you joy while creating value for the users of your job products.  

Using different tools and techniques, the program will help you in:

  •  Being aware of your unique strengths and how they help you enjoy work more
  • Understanding your preferences for your career development
  • Creating a career development plan aligned to your own career goals, talents, and preferences
  •  Exploring career advancement opportunities
  • Creating a transitioning plan for your new role
  • Increasing your self-confidence to navigate your own career choices.

This program includes 5 sessions or more. Each session is between 45 to 90 minutes, with the frequency of one session over 2 or 3 weeks