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About My Way

In my coaching practice, I adopt psychology-based coaching approaches to facilitate client’s learning and growth while considering the systems, contexts and organizational inputs the client brings.

Throughout a coaching relationship, I work on two levels. First, when focusing on overall coaching goals and session-specific coaching goals identified by the client, and potentially their organization, I may, together with the client, reframe the goal or explore other directions when new data emerge that offer better understanding of the client’s developmental goals. Second, through integrating different psychology-based coaching approaches, I seek to bring to the client’s awareness of their behavioral preferences, thinking patterns, feelings, and emotions. Partnering with the client, I aim to facilitate their own development of more productive and effective behaviors, patterns of thinking, use of their feelings, emotions.

Depending on client’s preferences, I may choose to be highly structured or flexibly adaptable or somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. The pace and content of each session is crafted with care, always for the best service of the client. When necessary, I may occasionally direct the client toward topics, insights, changes that I consider important for their growth.

Outside of the session, most of my clients find the suggested assignments useful for their development. From time to time, a client may learn more insights from an assignment than from a session. But it is always for the client to choose if they prefer to have assignments or not.

The process includes a few steps mentioned below:

Intake meeting: the coach and the client will get to know each other, to discuss and agree on the high-level goal(s) and to check their preferences in working together.

Contracting: A written contract will be signed by both parties to have a clear framework to continue the coaching journey.

Sessions: Each session can last between 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the preference of the client. Each session will cover a selected challenge with clear goal defined at the beginning of the session, considering the agreed, overall goal.

Place: Coaching sessions will be done in Google Meet.